Another smart luggage brand shuts down amid new regulations

It's not really much of a surprise that Raden went out of business.

On January 15th, major US airlines put into place a prohibition on using luggage with lithium batteries. Now, the company Raden has shut down because of this ban. "Raden is no longer in operation," says the note on their website. "All existing shipments have been processed for delivery. You can still travel with your Raden cases, with the batteries simply removed as directed by each airline. Our companion app will continue to pair to your bags. Unfortunately, we can no longer process returns, exchanges or repairs."

Raden squarely places the blame for its shutdown on these new policies, which makes sense. The product was smart luggage, and if airlines ban the batteries that power these pieces, then the companies making them can no longer operate. A similar company, Bluesmart, closed up shop earlier this month.

In its statement, Raden thanked its customers, apologized for this change in fortune and promised that they would be back soon: "Please keep supporting young brands and innovative products - we will be building new ones. "