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Sonos bundles offer audio options for home theater, vinyl and more

You might want to wait and see what the company announces on June 6th, though.

As we head towards Sonos' home theater event on June 6th, the company has just revealed new speaker bundles that will help you save on a Sonos-based home sound system.

There are several speaker sets on offer. One deal offers two Sonos One speakers for $379, three of them for $549 and four Ones for $729. You can get two Play:5 speakers for $899, and a Playbar (or a Playbase) with two Sonos Ones for $999. There are home theater sets, too, consisting of either a Playbar or Playbase with a subwoofer for $1,299 or the same with two add-on Sonos Ones for $1,649. Finally, you can grab a Play:5 and turntable bundle for $799, two Play:5s with a turntable for $1,249 or two Play:5 speakers with a turntable and subwoofer bundle for $1,899.

The home theater sets and the double Sonos One bundle have been offered in the past, says Sonos. The Play:5 turntable set was also previously available for Record Store Day this past April, as well. The rest of the bundles are new offers.