1Password rolls out its biggest Mac update in years

It comes with new looks and new features.

AgileBits has finally released 1Password 7 for Mac, and it's the password manager's first major upgrade for the platform in years. The developer has made sure it's worth the download (and your money) by packing in lots of new features, starting with a redesign of the 1Password mini. It can now suggest the log-in items you're most likely to use while in your browser or within apps. If you want to access your vaults, you now simply have to click "All Vaults" on the redesigned sidebar to bring up an interface (see image above) where you can drag and drop log-ins to organize them or to create new vaults.

AgileBits has also bundled all of 1Password's security tools together in a single section called the Watchtower. It can warn you of security breaches, highlight vulnerable passwords and check your credentials against Have I Been Pwned? database. If it finds any of your passwords on the website, a notification asking you to change it will pop up. Watchtower will also notify you if you're logging into a service that has two-factor authentication you haven't enabled yet and if you're trying to log into an unsecured HTTP website.

1Password 7 comes with a lot of relatively minor features, as well, such as new fonts, the ability to use formatted text and notifications to warn you if your credit cards and passport on file are near their expiry dates. Plus, it was designed to load faster and use less memory than its predecessor. You'll only get it for free, however, if you have an active 1Password subscription that costs at least $3 a month. If you bought a standalone license for 1Password 6, we're afraid you'll have to shell out $50 -- $65 after the launch special ends -- to purchase a license for the newer version.