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Facebook is rolling out its GDPR privacy rules to the world

You'll see how the social network uses your data over the coming months.

At first, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg only agreed with the European Union's General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) "in spirit." Now, following Zuckerberg's appearance before EU parliament, the social network is applying GDPR's framework to accounts across the globe. "People have told us they want clearer explanations of what information we collect and how we use it," chief privacy officer Erin Egan writes. Egan explains that within the next few weeks, when you log in, you'll have a notification so you can review details about advertising, face recognition and information you've chosen to share on your profile.

Specifically, you'll be informed how your data is used for targeted ads and what Facebook does with its facial recognition tech. The social network promises that even more updates to its privacy policy are coming and practices are coming over the next few months.