'The Wolf Among Us' season two delayed into 2019

Telltale Games fantasy-based series won't be back this year.

It has been nearly four years since The Wolf Among Us wrapped up its original episodic run, but fans will have to wait a bit longer for a follow-up. Telltale Games announced that season two is delayed from its original late-2018 release window into 2019 due to "a few fundamental changes here at Telltale since we first announced the game last summer." As Eurogamer notes, this could refer to layoffs last year that cut its staff by 25 percent, even though at the time, the studio stated that upcoming releases including The Wolf Among Us season two would not be affected.

Based on the Fables series of comics, season one put players in the shoes of Sheriff Bigby Wolf trying to maintain law and order among fairytale creatures that live in hiding amongst the rest of us "mundies." Telltale didn't drop any hints for the plot of season two beyond a winter-themed piece of logo artwork, but in a blog post said "we're committed to exploring new ways to tell our stories," which could potentially take things beyond the choose-your-own-adventure, QTE-infused gameplay we've become accustomed to. Whatever the game turns out to be, we'll have to wait until next year to find out.