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The Morning After: Dropping phones and upgrading your BBQ

Sounds like a good three-day weekend.

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Hey, good morning!

The week begins, but kind of doesn't, as most of us are enjoying a three-day weekend. To celebrate, we're reporting on the best phones to drop on the floor (well, you know what I mean), BBQ upgrades for Engadget readers and amateur pitmasters, as well as the potential for facial recognition to save primates.

He was instrumental to Atari's early days.
Atari co-founder Ted Dabney dies

Ted Dabney, who co-founded Atari along with Nolan Bushnell, has died after deciding against treatment for esophageal cancer. He and Bushnell created Atari's predecessor Syzygy in 1971 and produced Computer Space, the first commercially available arcade game. They then used that experience as the launching pad for Atari and, along with developer Al Alcorn, released the iconic game Pong in 1972.

After dropping $18,000 worth of phones, these are the toughest
How durable are the top smartphones?

Dropping a bunch of phones for the sake of journalism.

A notoriously low-tech cooking method is improved with a dash of WiFi.
Traeger Timberline 850 review: BBQ goes high tech

Ready for BBQ season and looking for a upgrade? The Timberline series does its job well and actually puts its app and WiFi connectivity to great use. The technology here is more than just a gimmick. However, the $1,700+ price means it's for amateur pitmasters rather than casual backyard cookouts.

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