Imgur's wonderful world of GIFs now includes full-length video

Scroll through videos up to 30 seconds long.

Imgur is getting a new way to waste your time. No, not more of its Snapchat-like Snacks feature. The image-hosting site is including a medium it's never allowed users to post on the site before: Video. Okay, technically they're 'GIFs with sound,' but it's the same thing -- and could rile up its userbase that's used to perusing the site's feed in monastic silence.

Everyone can watch video content, but only iOS users can upload them, for now. Fortunately, Imgur turned sound off by default -- to enable, just click the audio button in the bottom right corner of each post. Videos are limited to 30 seconds, which may be enough of a restriction to keep the site's oddball culture intact instead of turning it into a warehouse for YouTube clips. If you want to see them in action, head over to Imgur's Unmuted page for a wall of 'GIFs with sound.'