Google brings AR tours to its Expeditions field trip app

More than 100 AR expeditions are available.


Last year, Google announced that it was working on bringing AR to its Expeditions platform and since then, it has been testing AR expeditions with around one million students. Today, the company has made those AR tours available to everyone, adding around 100 of them to the Expeditions app. Now anyone can check out the planets of our solar system, Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions, the skeletal system, art and a number of other AR tours with their phone. "AR takes the abstract and makes it concrete to the students," California teacher Darin Nakakihara said in a statement. "We wouldn't be able to see a heart right on the desk, what it looks like when beating and the blood circulating."

AR expeditions are available on compatible devices with either the Android or iOS version of the app. Google has also made Expeditions AR/VR kits available for purchase through Best Buy Education.

Image: Google