Snapchat logins could work for other apps in the future

Snapchat reportedly plans to release a developer kit.

You might be seeing the words "Log in with Snapchat" in non-Snapchat apps in the near future. According to TechCrunch, the company is planning to launch its first full-fledged developer platform called Snapkit, which will allow third-party developers to give users the option to log into their apps with Snapchat credentials. In addition, the kit will give developers a way to host Snapchat's camera instead of having to create one that's not quite as powerful. If they choose, they can also let people use their Bitmoji avatars in their apps.

As the publication noted, the developer kit could help Snapchat get out of a rut, gain new followers or win back those it lost to Instagram Stories. People might choose their Snapchat login over their Facebook login if they have a choice, especially those conscious of their privacy and security. The ephemeral app asks for fewer information than Facebook does, which means any future breach wouldn't leak too much personal data.

Unfortunately, it's still unclear which apps will offer the login first, and it might depend on which companies Snapchat is able to convince. An app that offers Facebook login already gives billions of people a viable point of entry without having to sign up -- Snapchat has much fewer users in comparison.