The latest cover of 'Time' is composed of 958 Intel drones

The cover photo was shot by a drone, too.

Intel's latest drone trick is on the cover of Time. Err, it is the cover of Time. Allow me to explain. The magazine's most recent issue features special reports on UAVs, and rather than, say, featuring a photo of Intel's drone team on the cover, as PetaPixel notes, the publication's iconic red border and logo is made up of 958 of Intel's light-show drones themselves.

That number is slightly lower than the amount used in the Olympic opening ceremony earlier this year, but it's no less impressive. The swarm was 100 meters (around 328 feet) tall, and hovered over Folsom, Calif. for a moment before returning to earth. And to cap it all off, the cover photo was shot by a drone itself -- a first in Time's 95-year history. To see how it all came together, peep the pair of videos below.