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The new Mac App Store is inspired by iOS

Video previews for apps are coming soon.

Apple has revealed a redesigned Mac App Store at WWDC 2018, which takes clear design cues from the iOS version of the shop. You'll notice right away that it now looks a lot like the one on your iPhone and iPad, featuring a "Discover" tab that will highlight a wide range of curated content, anything from "best apps" lists to tutorials and behind-the-scenes stories from developers. Ratings and reviews of applications are now front and center, too, while video previews are making its debut on the Mac App Store for the first time -- that's a feature that launched on iOS in 2014.

The company also announced that the store will soon include Office 365 apps from Microsoft, as well as Lightroom CC from Adobe and Live Studio from Snap Inc., to mention a few. This overhauled Mac App Store is only a small part of everything new that's coming to the latest edition of macOS, Mojave, which is expected to debut later this fall. It's a shame that we can't start playing with these upgrades now, but at least we know that good things are on the horizon. Talking about you, macOS dark mode.

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