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Apple Watch will put a Walkie Talkie on your wrist

A new app, coming to watchOS 5, adds another way to chat with your buddies.

The latest Apple Watch version includes an optional LTE connection. That lets you make or receive phone calls, use Messages and other network-enabled features when not in WiFi range. Now Apple will let you connect with your friends in yet another way. The company just announced a new app for watchOS 5 called Walkie Talkie. You can now talk Watch to Watch over cellular or WiFi to your buddies.

When you launch the app, you'll get to choose who you want to talk to. Apple Watch will suggest people you frequently communicate with, and you'll send them a one-time request. You can chat with a friend this way all over the world, not just locally -- there'll be a beep and a little haptic buzz before they hear your voice. Just like in the little video Apple showed, sleepovers and secret midnight communications are coming to your wrist.

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