Samsung is making a Snapdragon-powered PC

Smartphone-like laptops are right up its alley.

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Evan Rodgers  / Engadget
Evan Rodgers / Engadget

Samsung is the latest device manufacturer to take a chance on Snapdragon-powered PCs, joining the ranks of HP, ASUS and Lenovo. In addition to its new Snapdragon 850 chipset, Qualcomm announced today that the Galaxy phone maker will be integrating the card "in a future device." Given Samsung already makes Windows-powered convertibles like the Galaxy Book, which are portable enough to meet Microsoft's requirements for the "Always Connected PC" ecosystem, it's entirely possible that the upcoming device is a 2-in-1.

Since connected PCs are supposed to be smartphone-like in battery life and cellular connectivity, Samsung's expertise as a smartphone maker could give it an edge over traditional laptop brands. There aren't too many other details available, so all we can really do now is imagine and speculate on what that device might look like. Meanwhile, this collaboration is a significant one for Qualcomm as it continues to grow its list of partners for the Windows on Snapdragon platform.

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