ASUS' Project Precog is a dual-screen AI-powered concept PC

It's where "AI meets the PC."

ASUS always has a few surprises in store at Computex, and this year is no different. During its keynote today, ASUS unveiled its Project Precog concept computer, a dual-screen PC with AI features. It looks similar to Lenovo's Yoga Book, but hopefully it'll be more than just a novelty like that machine. ASUS says it'll be smart enough to optimize battery charging depending on the time of day, and the company showed off how it can receive Excel suggestions while you're working on a document. Using Intel's Movidius visual processing unit, it'll also be able to detect where your hands are at all times.

Project Precog is a full-fledged convertible: You can use it in a tent formation, folded around as a tablet or just in traditional laptop mode, where the bottom screen doubles as a keyboard. You can also lay it completely flat, so you can play games on both screens. Precog can also serve as a semi-desktop replacement: ASUS demoed it at the event with both screens propped up in portrait mode, with a wireless keyboard in front. As for the case, ASUS carried over the heavily polished metal aesthetic from the ZenBook line.

Project Precog is a glimpse of what we can see from Intel's AI for PC Developer Program. Through that initiative, the chip giant is providing PC makers with tools and other resources for creating smarter computers. And that means there's some competition for ASUS, as Lenovo also gave us a preview of a second-generation Yoga Book today.

What's truly interesting is that ASUS claims it's more than just a concept -- the company plans to release it sometime next year. Don't be surprised if it doesn't look exactly like what we're seeing today, though. While we've seen several stabs at dual-screen PCs before, we might finally have the technology to make that concept work.

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