Intel aims to fix battery woes with low power LCD tech

It co-engineered a one-watt panel with Sharp and Innolux to cut power consumption by half.

Running out of juice continues to be one of the biggest frustrations of our generation, and the tech industry keeps trying to come up with ways to extend battery life. Intel's latest solution is something it's calling "Low Power Display Technology," which targets the most power-sucking part of most devices.

Intel is co-engineering the technology and has already used it in a one-watt panel made by Sharp and Innolux, which it says can "cut LCD power consumption by half."

At its keynote today, Intel's Gregory Bryant and his team showed a video of a Dell system that uses this panel, and said that it looped video for 25 hours. The new technology could add four to eight hours of battery life, which is a welcome addition. We haven't seen this system for ourselves yet of course, but so far this is an intriguing premise.

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