Lenovo's UFO-like hub brings Dolby audio to conference calls

You've never heard an uninterested Skype caller quite so clearly.

Business meetings can be dreary at the best of times, but that's made worse by the flakiness of modern technology. Between hard-to-hear remote callers and a lack of consistent file sharing, it could be hard to sustain what little interest you have. Give Lenovo some credit for trying to fix this sad state of affairs, though -- it's introducing the ThinkSmart Hub 700, a flying saucer-shaped mini PC that serves as the cornerstone of office chats. It promises a big boost in audio quality, for starters -- it revolves around a four-speaker Dolby Audio system that should help your Skype (or Zoom, or BlueJeans) conference calls.

It comes into its own when you're ready to make a presentation. You can use it as a simple pass-through for a single device, but there's also collaborative mode that helps multiple workers share their charts and slideshows. Sensors on the ThinkSmart Hub can detect people in the room and pair devices with little effort.

Lenovo hasn't mentioned pricing for the 700, although it's safe to say it will be within the budget of a tech-savvy office. Making the most of it is another matter. Something tells us this won't help a bored remote caller feign excitement, no matter how clear they sound.