Xbox Game Pass 'FastStart' is coming in the June update

Using machine learning, certain titles can launch up to twice as fast.

During Microsoft's pre-E3 event, Xbox Game Pass exec Ashley Speicher hit the stage to announce several games newly available on the service today (Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online and The Division), plus a new feature. Called "FastStart" it's designed to get subscribers with playing their games even faster, by applying machine learning to download just the necessary parts of a game first, unlike the Ready to Start system configured manually by developers that has been a part of the system since it launched.

Speicher said it would get games going twice as fast as before (if launching a title used to take 30 minutes of downloading, you can expect it to take only 15 minutes now), and will launch in the June Xbox One update for application to "select" titles (there will be a list available on the FAQ here). Better yet, while it will start off on Xbox Game Pass titles in English, it will eventually expand to games in more languages, and other games on Xbox even if you're not using Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass FastStart loading screen


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