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Dating app Hinge ditches the Facebook login requirement

It's not the first service to move away from the embattled social network.

Hinge made a name for itself in the crowded dating app market by suggesting matches with friends of your Facebook connections. However, now it looks like the service is swiping left on the social network. Starting today, users on both Android and iOS will no longer be required to use Facebook to log into Hinge. Instead, they can use phone number verification.

The rollout (which has been underway since June 5th) is a product of what Hinge users wanted. "Our members requested a non-Facebook login method," said Jean-Marie McGrath, Hinge's Director of Communications, in a release. "Now, to maintain safety and privacy, members have the option to log in with their phone number only. Furthermore, for those still seeking a way to auto-fill their Hinge profile, we've also added an option to import select bio information from Facebook."

This is just the latest dating service to ditch Facebook requirements. Back in April, Bumble began allowing users to sign up with just a phone number instead of Facebook. With the data breach scandals Facebook has been involved in, it's understandable that services would want to give users another option.