'Hitman 2' Miami trailer shows murder with scissors and fish

The latest trailer reveals crazy choices for weapons and costumes.

A new gameplay trailer for Hitman 2 shows the crazy amount of improvisation you'll be able to do in the game's Miami level. While offering the standard gun/silencer murders, it also features our hero Agent 47 offing targets with with a pair of scissors, a large fish, a rock, wrench and a frying pan, while blowing up an (evil) car race winner right on the trophy podium.

The level, one of seven, takes place in sunny Miami during some kind of motorsports race. On top of getting a wide choice of weapons, you'll be able to disguise yourself as a security guard, cop, first aid attendant, pit worker, mechanic and even a mascot to pull off your murderous mission. You can also slay with guns, either up close with a pistol or by sniping a driver right off the track. There are over 2,000 non-player characters (NPCs) on the Miami level alone.

Hitman 2 seems to have captured the inventive sandbox slaughter of the original, letting you play dress-up and hired killer at the same time. It arrives on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on November 13th, 2018, and if you pre-order it early, you'll get to try out the Sniper Assassin mode for free.