Facebook's live gameshows could take a bite out of HQ Trivia

Partners can now make videos with polls, challenges and quizzes with correct answers.

Instead of creating its own HQ Trivia competitor, Facebook has taken a broader approach and created an entire gaming platform. The company announced polls for Live and on demand videos as well as new gamification features for Live videos. Partners like Insider, BuzzFeed and Fresno can add polls, quizzes and challenges to both individual videos as well as entire game show series.

Confetti by Insider is an interactive pop culture trivia game show that will air daily. Like HQ, Confetti will let you see what your friends answer, but on an every day basis. Cash prizes are on offer if you answer all the questions right; you'll split the pot if more than one person gets them all. Outside Your Bubble by BuzzFeed News will apparently challenge players to guess what others "across the cultural divide" are thinking, while What's in the Box by Fresno will let you guess what's in a closed box. Guess correctly to win prizes.

In addition to these interactive video features, Facebook is adding more content to Watch and rolling out Top Fan badges to more creator communities. There's also a new video template for Pages that puts video and community more prominently on a Page. Creators and publishers can try it out, and revert back easily, as well. Finally, there's a new Brand Collabs Manager, which will let brands search and find creators on Facebook to make deals and partnerships.