Tinder tests a 'Picks' feature to save you from endless swiping

But only if you're a Gold member.

Today, Tinder announced that it is testing a new feature called Picks, which highlights matches who fit your particular interests based on career, hobbies, activities and more. It's currently being tested on iOS in the UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands and is available to Tinder Gold subscribers exclusively.

If you're a Tinder subscriber in one of these countries who has this feature available, you can see your Picks by hitting the diamond at the top of your Discovery screen. It appears that any Tinder user can see their picks, but to take any action (look at profiles, swipe or send a Super Like), you must be a Gold member. Picks will refresh every 24 hours; if that isn't soon enough, Tinder Gold members can pay for additional Picks.

This seems like another way to encourage subscribers to upgrade to a Gold membership (which already comes with perks such as being able to find out who likes you without endless swiping). It also allows users who don't want to spend all their time swiping a curated way of using the app and finding their best matches quickly -- for a price, of course.