Amazon brings Whole Foods delivery to Chicago and four more cities

More Prime subscribers can get their groceries in a hurry.

Updated ·1 min read

Amazon's Whole Foods delivery service still covers a relatively small area, but it's seemingly growing by the moment. The internet giant has expanded the Prime-based grocery deliveries to Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and San Antonio, theoretically giving millions extra-quick access to produce, meat, everyday food and "select" alcohol. As before, delivery is available between 8AM and 10PM and shouldn't cost extra if you're ordering at least $35. You can spend $8 if you need your food within an hour.

The company promises ongoing expansion in the US throughout 2018.

The widened coverage comes mere hours after Amazon brought Prime discounts to all Whole Foods stores in the country. It suggests that the company is well on the way to completing its strategy: it's taking advantage of Prime subscriptions and its delivery network to provide grocery options that aren't always easy to match.