DoorDash will deliver groceries from Walmart in Atlanta

It's another step to offering delivery to 100 new cities this year.

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Walmart's latest tech trick is delivering groceries via DoorDash. Except instead of this being a Walmart offering, it's actually being led by DoorDash according to TechCrunch. End users shouldn't notice a difference, however. Logging on to the Walmart website, you can place an order, choose delivery and then your bread and produce will show up at your door. And only then will you discover it was DoorDash, not the store itself making the delivery. The pilot program is live in Atlanta currently, with no word on if or when there will be an expansion.

In March, Walmart announced that it would begin delivering groceries to 100 new cities this year, up from the six it serviced at the time. Since then, it's announced partnerships with Postmates, and now, DoorDash, to make that promise a reality.

What does DoorDash have to gain? Data, according to our sister publication. The service's drivers are typically busy later at night, this would give them something to do during non-peak hours. The extra data would then help DoorDash become more efficient and open the door to delivering more than just food.

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