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Walmart expands grocery delivery with help from Postmates

It's starting in Charlotte, but will be in additional places by year's end.

Can't make it to one of Walmart's pickup towers to snag your online grocery order? Don't worry: Now you can have it delivered via Postmates. And it all sounds pretty simple, too. Either place your order via the Walmart website or grocery app and then pick a delivery window. There's a $30 minimum and a $9.95 delivery fee per order, which isn't too awful. There's even a promo that first-time customers can take advantage of that waives their first delivery fee.

Online grocery pickup is currently available at 20 stores in Charlotte, NC for now. An additional 1,000 stores will be getting the service by year's end. Grocery delivery will be expanded to another 100 metro areas by next January. In a press release, Walmart was quick to take a shot at rival Amazon saying that the option doesn't require a subscription.