Postmates promises 30-minute grocery deliveries in New York

The company's Fresh service operates in LA and San Francisco, too.

Postmates isn't just for late-night take-out delivery anymore. The service just launched grocery delivery in Los Angeles, Manhattan and San Francisco. It's called Fresh. More than that, the firm completely overhauled its app to make ordering a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper or a loaf of bread (or basically anything else you forgot while at the grocery store) a lot easier. A post on Medium claims that it shouldn't take more than a half an hour for your goods to arrive -- supposedly a quarter of the time some of its competitors. It's about the same wait time for a Postmates booze drop-off. Amazon Fresh, on the other hand can take hours to make a delivery.

The delivery service is limited for now, but the upside of that, apparently, is that everything is going to be very high quality and come from small grocery stores. So, in LA, your food will come from Urban Radish; the East Village Farm in Manhattan; and Farmstead in San Francisco. Each pride themselves on offering curated picks for their foods and being active members in their respective communities.

Of course, this isn't going to be as cheap as, say, running to your neighborhood bodega. Postmates charges a $3 fee per order, but the service doesn't control the prices set by its partner stores. If you can afford to have groceries delivered, however, you likely aren't going to sweat the potential price difference here.