Firefox and 1Password now bring data breach notifications to you

They're making it easier to see if your emails and passwords are compromised.

Firefox and 1Password have made it much easier to find out if your email address and password have ever been been leaked due to a data breach. 1Password now comes integrated with the Have I Been Pwned service, allowing you to check your credentials against the database within its interface, while Firefox is testing a similar feature. The "pwned" website first worked with Mozilla months ago for a breach alerts feature that highlights if a website you're visiting suffered a data breach in the past. This time, they've expanded their partnership and have started testing a tool called Firefox Monitor that you can use to search the pwned database right within the browser. It even gives you a way to sign up for email alerts if your account gets compromised.

You can now also find Have I Been Pwned inside 1Password's Watchtower. Its new Breach Reports feature can check the details you save in the password tool against the database, showing you if they're compromised and what you can do about it. 1Password has pushed the update to its web-based version and will eventually roll it out to its desktop app, as well.

Both partnerships make the database a lot more accessible to people who might not regularly look up their info on the Pwned website. Once Firefox is done testing the Monitor tool and releases it to everyone, for instance, it'll give hundreds of millions of users a quick way to check if their credentials are safe. That's significantly more than Have I Been Pwned's two million verified users, which website creator Troy Hunt describes as a "tiny, tiny drop in the ocean," considering HIBP has 3.1 billion unique email addresses in its records today.