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Corsair buys Elgato's gaming business to get into livestreaming

Elgato's smart home team is going it alone.

Live game streaming is a big business, and Corsair wants in. The PC peripheral maker has reached a deal to acquire Elgato Gaming, the team behind Elgato's capture cards, Stream Deck and green screen -- three of the most helpful tools for broadcasters on services like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. Elgato's smart home business will carry on by itself under the Eve Systems badge.

It's not a surprising move. Corsair is already a fixture in the gaming scene, including among streamers (who already use its mice and mechanical keyboards). This gives it a more definitive foothold in that space -- you may see the Corsair name plastered everywhere when you're watching your favorite Fortnite or League of Legends player. That, in turn, might give the company more name recognition at a time when rivals like SteelSeries are scoring key sponsorships that could threaten Corsair's business. No matter what, it's an acknowledgment that game streaming is quickly becoming the sort of business that you ignore at your own peril.