Nintendo unveils a 'Minecraft' Creeper 2DS XL special edition

It also launched "Animal Crossing" Amiibo and "Mario Kart 7" 2DS LL packs in Japan.

Nintendo's 2DS XL is not just a throwback 3DS console (without the 3D), but also a blank canvas for special editions like the Zelda Link Shield version. That goes triply for Japan's equivalent 2DS LL version, where Nintendo just launched three new creative models. The first is a Minecraft "Creeper" edition, named after the baddy with the nasty habit of exploding in your face. The textured shell nicely captures the Creeper and Minecraft vibe and comes with a pre-installed version of Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition, naturally.

The two other special editions that you can only drool at but not buy here in the US are the Dobashi Animal Crossing Amiibo + and Mario Kart 7 packs. The first one includes Animal Crossing Amiibo +, and sports a textured green body with a hollowed out leaf. The latter packs a Mario-red border and a kart tire-like textured back.

Suffice to say, these are desirable collector consoles for 2DS XL fans, and the prices are pretty darn reasonable, at 16,980 yen ($153) for the Creeper edition, and 15,980 yen ($144) for the two others. As mentioned, you can look but not touch, as they're only available in Japan for now.