$3,950 will get you a life-size BB-8 that doesn't move

The latest from Sideshow Collectibles trades mobility for aesthetic accuracy.

If you've been wanting a life-sized replica of Star Wars' BB-8, Sideshow Collectibles will soon have you covered. The company just announced its BB-8 Life-Size Figure, a 37-inch tall replica of the adorable droid that appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's designed to look as similar to the film's version as possible, complete with a paint job that makes it appear as weathered and worn as the one from the big screen.

Unlike the Spin Master replica, Sideshow's doesn't roll around, but its head dome can be repositioned and the body can be shifted into different positions as well. A remote control will let you turn on the distinctive sounds emitted by BB-8 in the movie as well as activate lights in both the body and head.

However, if the $230 price tag that came with Spin Master's replica seemed a little steep for your very own BB-8, you probably won't be quick to jump on Sideshow's version as the BB-8 Life-Size Figure is priced at $3,950. Pre-orders begin today.