Samsung opens the world's biggest smartphone facility in India

It'll make up to 120 million smartphones per year.

As the world's biggest consumer electronics maker, Samsung is constantly expanding its manufacturing operations across the world. Today, it formally opened the doors on its latest development in the Indian city of Noida, a facility the company claims is now the largest phone factory in the world.

Samsung already has a considerable presence in the US, Korea and Brazil, but with smartphone growth beginning to slow in those markets, the South Korean chaebol has turned its attention towards India -- where demand for handsets is more encouraging. The expansion of Samsung's Noida facility -- one of two manufacturing plants in the country -- will help Samsung increase its phone production by almost double.

The plant will make up to 120 million phones a year -- up from 67 million -- and potentially include other electronic appliances like refrigerators and flat panel televisions down the line. The 35-acre facility will reduce time to market and give Samsung more elbow room to export to neighboring regions -- ultimately giving Samsung a leg up on its competitors.

The Noida manufacturing plant is Samsung's second major production zone in India alongside its Sriperumbudur facility. More than 10 percent of its total production currently takes place in India -- but that figure could rise to 50 percent within the next three years if everything goes to plan.