You can now send and receive money through Google Pay

Goodbye, Google Pay Send.

Earlier this year, when Android Pay officially became Google Pay, we were surprised that the ability to send and receive money was still contained in a separate app (called Google Pay Send). Today, Google finally announced that the company is combining the Pay and Pay Send apps. Users in the US can send and request money through Google Pay, and soon users in the UK will have the same option.

The functionality of the updated Google Pay app feels a lot like Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. As before, you can use the app to store airline boarding passes, concert tickets, loyalty cards, gift cards and more. You can also easily ask for friends to pay their share of the tab if you paid with Google Pay. Just click on the transaction and you can split it among up to five people.

Google has also made it easy to manage all your payment information through either the app or on the web. Of course, everything syncs through your Google account, so however you update your payment information, it'll be reflected everywhere.

The split in features between multiple Pay apps has been a bit baffling, so it's nice to see that Google is consolidating all these features within one app. It will make it much easier and more intuitive to use; hopefully it will be rolled out worldwide soon.