Mozilla tests a password manager for Firefox on iOS

The Test Pilot program also offers a Notes feature for Android.

Test Pilot for Firefox is a program that allows users who have downloaded stable build browsers to try out experimental features without having to take the risks of using a beta version. Today, the team at Mozilla announced that Test Pilot is now coming to mobile, and there are two new features that users can try out.

The first feature is Firefox Lockbox. This is a password manager that allows your browser to automatically log in to any site for which you've saved a password. It works with both Face ID and Touch ID, but it's only available on iOS.

But Android users shouldn't feel left out. Notes by Firefox is an Android-only feature that allows you to jot down thoughts and comments directly from your browser. The notes sync across platforms, so you can access what you've written on the desktop version of Firefox as well. If you're worried about security, this feature has end-to-end encryption so you're the only one who will be able to read your notes.

Any user can participate in Test Pilot; you just need to have a Firefox account and Firefox Sync, or these features won't work properly. And because these are test features, you can give feedback or turn off the features that aren't working for you at