Uber lets riders pay with Venmo

This makes the ride-sharing company the largest to accept Venmo payments.

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David Lumb
July 12, 2018 6:13 PM
Henry Nicholls / Reuters
Henry Nicholls / Reuters

Uber riders in the US can now pay for their rides with Venmo. Starting today, users will see a "Pay With Venmo" option next to one for Apple Pay. This could make it easier for anyone who prefers not to link their financial informaiton to the ridesharing company, especially temporary users. Of course, it'll also benefit the lazier folks among us who just end up sending cash to their friends for ordering them a ride.

"There have been 6 million transactions inside of Venmo in the last year alone that were discussing Uber," BIll Ready, COO of the Venmo parent company PayPal Holdings, told Bloomberg.

Uber is now the largest retailer to accept Venmo payments, according to Bloomberg. The service introduced 'Pay with Venmo' last fall, which enabled retailers to let customers make purchases with the feature, though that shifts transaction fees to the company.

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