Apple’s new emojis will include a superhero and more hair options

More than 70 new emojis will be released later this year.

Apple announced today that more than 70 new emojis are on the way, including characters with more hair options, new food items and additional animals. Emoji faces will soon have the option of having red hair, will include more gray and curly hairstyles and will also have a bald selection. As for new smiley faces, Apple will be releasing a cold face, party face, pleading face and face with hearts. New animals will include a kangaroo, parrot, lobster and peacock while new food options will include a mango, cupcake, lettuce and moon cake. Also on the docket are more sports emojis, like a softball, as well as superhero characters.

Earlier this year Apple proposed 13 emojis representing people with disabilities including guide and service dogs, individuals with canes and a person signing the word "deaf."

The new emojis have been approved by Unicode and will be released later this year.

Images: Apple