Make your classic gamepads wireless with 8BitDo's DIY kits

If you're willing to take apart a controller, Bluetooth support awaits.

8BitDo will happily sell you wireless controllers that are vaguely similar to classic gamepads of yore, but it clearly can't sell you the real deal without invoking massive copyright battles. It can, however, offer you the next best thing. The company is now selling mod kits that add Bluetooth wireless to original NES, SNES, Super Famicom and Mega Drive controllers. You don't need a soldering iron or a toolbox -- so long as you're comfortable opening a vintage gamepad in the first place, you'll have everything you need (including a lithium-ion battery) to avoid stringing cords across the room.

Each kit costs $20 and should enable support for virtually any device that can use a Bluetooth gamepad, including the Nintendo Switch, Macs, Windows PCs and Raspberry Pi-based projects. While you may wince at the thought of taking apart a hard-to-replace controller for the sake of convenience, it might be justifiable if it gets you the trip-free game input you wish you had as a kid.