Garmin's latest golf tracker helps you choose the right club

Smart stats could help you pick the best tool for the job.

You can already get golf watches that show hole data and track your swing. Let's be honest, though -- ideally, they'd give you some insight as to which club is best for that tricky dogleg or sand trap. Garmin, at least, thinks it can provide that helping hand. It's now shipping an Approach CT10 tracker that fastens to the top of your clubs and provides insight on a club-by-club basis thanks to automatic syncing with supporting Garmin watches. You'll ideally know which club to choose based on your actual performance and situation, rather than picking one based on arbitrary expectations. A 9 iron may be a better choice than a pitching wedge, for instance.

Not surprisingly, outfitting your entire golf bag could be expensive. The Approach CT10 is available now in an $80 Starter Pack if you only need tracking for three essential clubs, while a complete 14-tracker set will cost $300. And of course, that's not including the watch. Consider this, though: if you're committed to improving your golf game, this could pay for itself if you win cash in a tournament -- or at least, give you bragging rights among friends.