Amazon’s Echo Show lets users tap the screen to access Alexa

It makes the assistant more accessible to the hearing and speech impaired.

Amazon is making it easier for those with hearing and speech impairments to utilize Alexa. Starting today, the Echo Show will have an option to toggle on a new feature called "Tap to Alexa," which will let users tap the device's screen to access the digital assistant. The feature includes shortcuts to common Alexa items like weather, timers, news and traffic, and users can also type out Alexa commands. Additionally, while Amazon launched its Alexa captioning feature in the US a few months ago, it's now releasing that feature to users in the UK, Germany, Japan, India, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

To activate Tap to Alexa, head over to the Echo Show's device settings, select the accessibility settings and switch the feature on. You can then select which presents you want to use, type in personalized commands and set up shortcuts for Routines. Alexa Captioning can be turned on from there as well. Amazon told CNET that it's working to add Tap to Alexa to the Echo Spot, though there's no timeline set for that upgrade.