The C64 Mini brings its nostalgia to the US on October 9th

Take a walk down memory lane in miniature form.

You no longer have to toy with importing The C64 Mini if you just have to relive a childhood spent mashing on a Commodore 64's keys. Retro Games has announced that its '80s revival will reach North American retail stores on October 9th. This version still includes 64 pre-loaded titles, including era favorites like Epyx's sports games (such as California Games and Winter Games), Boulder Dash and Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe. You can still add more, and even run C64 BASIC if you plug in a USB keyboard.

There's no mention of pricing for the US (we've asked for details), but retailers are starting to take pre-orders. Whatever the cost, you may want to think carefully about snagging one. It's a good option for playing vintage C64 games with a minimum of fuss, and the library expansion is uncommon among mini consoles. We weren't the biggest fans of the included joystick, though, and there will probably be some hit titles you'll need to add yourself. While this is a solid choice if you don't want to dig out an ancient machine or run an emulator, it's not essential.

Update: The company tells us you can expect the Mini at Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop, in addition to other stores.