Leaked Apple repair videos offer a peek behind the curtain

Unfortunately, they weren't up for long.

Apple products aren't necessarily made for you to repair them at home; you generally need to take your ailing iPhone or Macbook Pro into an Apple retail store for any significant fixes or part replacement. Now, however, a YouTube account has apparently leaked eleven official-looking internal training videos that show how repairs are made on iPhone X, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro.

The videos were apparently sourced from Twitter by Arman Haji, who uploaded them to YouTube after the Twitter account was suspended, according to Motherboard. The videos also show how well sites like iFixit have been able to reverse engineer the repair process; Motherboard notes that the process in the iPhone X battery replacement video is extremely similar to that used in iFixit's own procedure.

These official-looking videos will likely be taken down soon, so be sure to check them out now. We've embedded a few below and linked to the rest after that.

Update: The repair videos have now been taken down. At least we'll have the memories?