Google Docs uses AI to catch your grammar mistakes

You can also expect Smart Replies in Hangouts chats on G Suite.

You no longer have to turn to tools like Grammarly if your Google Docs output lacks polish. As part of a sweeping set of updates aimed mostly at G Suite users, Google has introduced grammar suggestions to Docs users involved in its Early Adopter Program. The addition uses machine translation to spot everything from basic grammatical goofs (such as "a" instead of "an") to larger issues with sentence structure, including subordinate clauses. The AI nature of the checker should help it adapt over time and catch "trickier" issues.

There's more. True to its promises, Google is making Smart Reply available to Hangouts chats in G Suite over the next few weeks. You no longer have to dutifully type out an "I don't think so" when someone asks if the quarterly report is ready. Also, Gmail's Smart Compose is no longer confined to home users. The G Suite crowd can use autocomplete to zip past the formalities and focus on the email content that really matters. All told, Google is bent on eliminating as much of the drudgery of writing as possible -- even if the results can occasionally feel a bit impersonal.