Google search now provides more details on local events

You can also find personalized event listings.

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Jon Fingas
July 26th, 2018

Google is quickly turning its event info from a nice-to-have extra into a major feature. If you're searching from your phone, you'll now find key details for events without having to jump to websites or apps. If it's a concert, for example, you'll find out where and when it's taking place, directions and other details. You can either jump to a ticket service if you're sold on the idea or save an event for later. And if you're not sure what to look for, you'll get some help there as well.

The For You tab includes both personalized event suggestions as well as popular and trending events. If you're big on food festivals, you may see the latest barbecue appear front and center.

Sites have to format their content to ensure that it shows up properly, so you might not get details for every gig in town. However, it's quite clear what Google is aiming for -- it may not be directly replacing services like Bandsintown or Eventbrite, but there's certainly a degree of overlap.

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