Google Home can now schedule routines

You won't have to repeat the same command.

When Google introduced routines to Assistant, it promised that you'd eventually have the option to schedule those routines instead of having to invoke them yourself each and every time. That feature is finally here -- Google has confirmed a Droid Life report revealing that scheduled routines are now reaching users. If you have an Assistant-equipped smart speaker, you can use the Home app to make multi-step actions repeat on specific days. You could adjust your lights and play music when you get up for work on weekdays, for instance.

The company told Engadget that the feature is currently available only to smart speaker users in the US, all of whom should have access within a week. This won't be of much help if you're only using Assistant on your phone. All the same, this is an important response to Amazon, whose Alexa helper has supported scheduled routines for months. You no longer have to be picky about your choice of smart speaker if you're determined to automate your smart home.