Blue Microphones sells to Logitech for $117 million

Your favorite podcaster or streamer probably has their stuff.

As the market for equipment needed by podcasters, streamers and other content creators grows, Blue Microphones has become a trusted and well-known name. Now Logitech has stepped in to acquire the company for about $117 million in cash. Both companies make headsets, but adding the microphones to Logitech's set of cameras is a natural fit.

Said Blue CEO John Maier: "So here's the deal: all of us here at Blue will keep creating cool stuff for professional musicians, gamers, podcasters, YouTubers, and streamers; Logitech will help us conquer the world. It's a great partnership full of possibilities." As usual, the promises are that everything will be good, better and best, but we will have to wait and see if all of the products involved continue to maintain the quality customers (and listeners/viewers) have come to expect.