Strava's new fitness membership program includes customizable 'packs'

Training, Safety and Analysis can be purchased individually or together.

Today, Strava launched a new membership service called Summit, which is a replacement for Strava Premium. The company is introducing new fitness packs that members can purchase individually or together, based on their own custom goals. If you are already a Strava Premium member, you will retain access to the features you've paid for at the same price.

Strava's new packs focus on Training, Safety and Analysis. The Training pack features real-time training GPS tracking, training plans, custom goals, race analysis, filtered leaderboards (sorted by age and weight) and more. The Analysis pack focuses in on tech that's connected to Strava. It will analyze the impact of your workout over time, based on metrics from heart rate monitors and other devices, visualizations of pace and lap data, assess performance and fitness and more.

Finally, the Safety pack focuses on helping you plan your outdoor adventures and focuses on helping you stay safe during these endeavors. Your pre-chosen personal contacts can privately see where you are in real time so they can assess if you're in a situation where you need help.

If you want all three packs and an annual membership, that will cost you $60 per year, which is quite the savings over individual packs at $24 per year. Monthly subscribers will pay $8 per month for all three or $3 individually.