Facebook nixes Friend List Feeds, but Friend Lists live on

The latest casualty in the social network's constant evolution.

Facebook has been culling various features that take it away from its new "back to basics" emphasis on people over brands. It ended its Explore Feed test after it found that not many people liked splitting their news feed. Now the company is getting rid of another type of feed: Friend List Feeds. A message posted to the Facebook app says that the feeds based on your Friends Lists will be unavailable starting today, August 9th. Facebook said it was doing this to "focus on improving your main News Feed experience."

You'll still be able to create, edit and share to your friend lists, of course; you just won't be able to access the feed based on those lists. With the rise of Groups and the invasion of Stories across social media, Facebook is likely more apt to focus on these popular features. Still, some people liked culling their news feed down to just what their friends were posting and will likely miss this custom feed.