Samsung's smart home devices can pick up Spotify streams from your phone

Hand off your music from your phone to your TV to your... fridge?

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Home, a clear competitor to Apple's HomePod, and the speaker will be powered by Spotify. The company also announced a new partnership that'll tie the two companies pretty closely together: Beyond using Spotify for music on the Galaxy Home, Spotify will also be included on all Galaxy devices in the setup process. So if you have an account, you'll set it up as you set up your phone; if you don't, we imagine you'll be prompted to get a free trial.

Perhaps the coolest thing that Samsung and Spotify are doing together is having your music "follow" you from device to device. If you're listening on your phone during a commute home, you can switch music from your phone to the TV with one press of a button; then, if you go into the kitchen and have one of Samsung's wildly expensive Family Hub refrigerators, you can have your music play there as well. Naturally, this only works with Samsung devices. Your devices are aware of where you are and prompt you to switch music playback to a new location when the time comes. When using the Galaxy Home speaker, you can just tap the top of it to have the speaker pick up whatever you're streaming on Spotify devices elsewhere.

Finally, Spotify will soon add Bixby control to its app, so that you can use Bixby wherever you have it to control your music. That makes sense, considering it'll be the headlining music app on the Galaxy Home Bixby-powered speaker, but what we don't know yet is if any other music services will work with Samsung's new speaker. We're guessing Apple Music isn't supported.

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