Google Assistant can play songs from Pandora Premium

If you don't know the name of a song, you can search using lyrics instead.

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Pandora's Plus and ad-supported users have been able to listen using Google Home for almost two years, and the streaming service is now meshing more tightly with Google Assistant. Starting today, Premium listeners can use their voice to play on-demand tunes and playlists on devices with the assistant baked in, including Google's smart speakers and third-party devices.

Listeners can set Pandora as their default music streaming service on Google Home, so you won't need to add the "on Pandora" caveat when you want to play something. If you're not quite sure what a song's called but know some of the lyrics, you can ask Google Assistant to track down the tune for you -- that's a feature Spotify doesn't have. Using your voice, you can also give a song a thumbs up or thumbs down, repeat a track, skip tunes and create stations. There are also personalized playlists for you to check out, along with mood soundtracks.

If Pandora is to be more competitive with the likes of Spotify, it makes perfect sense for the on-demand service to be available on as many devices as possible -- you can now listen to Pandora via more than 2,000 different devices.

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