'Diablo III' arrives on the Nintendo Switch this fall

The game will have online and local offline co-op for up to four players.

After Blizzard dropped an ominous Diablo hint on Twitter back in May, the franchise's community manager revealed in a video last week that multiple projects are in the works. One of those revelations was supposed to be unveiled tomorrow, but leaked info broke the news early: Diablo III is indeed coming to Switch and will include all currently-released content along with some Nintendo-themed extras. Best of all, it's got local offline co-op.

The local multiplayer is flexible: Four gamers can play on a single Switch console, or up to four of the systems can connect for a local co-op session, no WiFi needed. The game will be playable through the Nintendo Switch Online service (which launches next month), which will also host cloud saves.

For $60, this version includes the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansion content and their bonus classes. As a Nintendo exclusive, it also features Ganondorf-themed armor, a Tri-Force portrait frame and other extras from the Legend of Zelda. Diablo III Eternal Collection is expected to come out on the Switch later this year.