Microsoft’s phone-to-Windows app is available for Android

Still no iPhone app, though.

If you've been waiting to be able to access your Android phone's files and notifications on your Windows desktop, you can relax. The PC app, called "Your Phone," is now available for everyone, not just Insiders.

So far, Your Phone will let you drag and drop photos from your Android-powered mobile phone to your PC. You'll need both and Android 7.0 handset and a Windows 10 device to install the app on. Once installed, Your Phone will link up to your PC, via the app or Windows Settings. The Verge notes that Microsoft plans to add text message sync and notification support in the future. Your Phone appears to connect to the remoteSystem on your phone to make this happen. iPhones are out of the loop so far, though The Verge says it will be limited to continuing work on a PC, which sounds similar to Apple's Handoff feature.