The PC games and accessories we recommend to students

Plus three of our favorite gaming notebooks.

Once you've got your classes and living situation squared away, it's time to plan out the next crucial part of your academic year: gaming. If you've opted to play on PC, you face a daunting flood of titles, peripherals and components. And most likely, you're going to gravitate toward options that won't break the bank.

Lucky for you, we've picked out the right stuff to kit out your gaming rig. Battle royale games are all the rage, so if you haven't already, try out PUBG or the free-to-play Fortnite. Since tracking enemy footsteps is a big way to stay alive in those games, pick up a pair of Astro A20s for budget-friendly surround-sound. Whether it's Dorito crumbs or spilled soda, the durable Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard will put up with whatever happens in your dorm. And for you serious desktop PC players, we'll point out the best qualities of AMD and NVIDIA's midrange GPUs. (All told, we recommend three laptops in our guide.) It's gonna be a great year for study breaks. Find all that and lots more in our full selection of picks.